Fusion of Church and State

Ahh, yes. America. We’re in the midst of hearings about John Ashcroft, who has used a distinctly partisan approach for his entire 25+ year political career, as Governor, State Attorney General, and Senator. And now, for some reason, we (through our senators) are being called upon to be non-partisan in approving him as Attorney General.

It’s so obvious that his nomination is payback for the millions of dollars that the right-wing Republicans dumped into Dubya’s campaign coffers. It’s also obvious that the nomination is not only an intentional slap in the face to Democrats who regained a Senate seat through Ashcroft’s loss in the Missouri race, but also a balm to assuage the humiliation career-politician Ashcroft felt in losing that race to a dead man.

So much for non-partisanship. Three cheers to Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Charles Schumer, among others, for being outspoken enough to challenge this ill-conceived nomination.