Don’t Freak Out. Speak Out!

At last, someone has had the opportunity, as well as the courage, to speak frankly and truthfully about John Ashcroft in front of the Senate committee charged with reviewing Ashcroft’s nomination to the post of Attorney General.

I’m referring to purposely-snubbed Missouri Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White, who was prevented from attaining a federal judgeship because of Ashcroft’s manipulation.

What’s more, Justice White managed to raise the issues and maintain his personal dignity. He refused to call Ashcroft a racist, unlike myself. I would happily be undignified enough to refer to Ashcroft as both a racist and a homophobe. Of course, I admittedly use only the “looks-like-a-duck-quacks-like-a-duck” standard, where others might be held to a more legalistic approach.

Let’s hope when the committee members begin questioning of Ashcroft on this subject that they play hardball a little more than they did when questioning him about Ambassador Hormel.

Check out the full story on MSNBC or the Washington Post. Or read an interview regarding this topic from PBS.