Dubya Finally Wins a Vote! (Just Not His Own …)

It’s official. Former Senator John Ashcroft has been sworn in as U.S. Attorney General. If you are gay, African-American, female, Democratic (or should I use the more inclusive ‘non-Republican’), atheist, non-Christian (or should I use the more exclusive ‘non-Right-Wing-Christian’), watch out.

The most interesting part, I think, is that Ashcroft had to take a drug test before he was sworn in. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that lab. Now, I wonder if he had to endure the same humiliation that typical drug testing subjects must face. For example, was he patted down or strip searched to make sure he didn’t have any hidden urine samples on him? Did he have someone in the stall with him watching him pee in the cup? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Ashcroft faced the most opposition votes ever cast for an Attorney General nominee; he was approved by a 58-42 vote. But at least this gives Dubya one legitimate majority.