And now, for the weather …

There’s a chill wind blowing over Washington today. And I’m not talking about the record-setting blizzard.

The chill to which I’m referring is the feedback that Washington is getting as a result of the worldwide groundswell of peace protests this past weekend. One must admit that such protests are unprecedented, not so much in scope but in swiftness of response. The world is clearly against the impending invasion of Iraq. The protests in our own country bear out the surveys that have shown that even our own citizens aren’t convinced that there is any pressing need to invade immediately.

Nevertheless, Bush Administration big-wigs made the rounds of the talking-head shows yesterday, still trying to convince us that their way is the best.

An assumption might be made that the inner circle of the Bush Administration has highly sensitive information that leads them to believe that there is a critical reason to invade Iraq sooner rather than later (other than the line of reasoning that they have provided — that they don’t want our troops having to deal with the brutality of the hot desert sun in the middle of summer). The line of questioning that I have yet to hear from any journalist, directed at POTUS, VPOTUS or any Cabinet Member is this: Does such information exist and you just aren’t telling the American people or the world community? Or are you just speculating that there is an imminent threat to the U.S.?

If one of the Administration spokespersons (not Ari ‘Deadpan’ Fleischer, though) could look the American people in the eye with at least the amount of forthrightness that Bill Clinton used when he told us he didn’t have sex with ‘that woman,’ then their position might gain a little more credibility. But they haven’t done that.

And if they’re unable to provide us even that cursory reassurance, is there any reason on earth why we should put any stock in the line that they are feeding us?