Adding Fuel

The gathering storm of war seems to be bringing out a gathering storm of foolishness, as well.

Peace advocates who shamelessly liken themselves to Ghandi are organizing a world-wide effort to get crowds of people to travel to Iraq, set themselves up in areas where Iraqi civilians live, as a way of preventing attacks on those areas.

Here’s where their logic completely breaks down. Many of these same folks have been criticizing George W. for being stupid since long before he was elected/selected President. In fact, many have claimed that he’s the stupidest president ever. And no one can dispute that his life experience shows that he is among the least worldly U.S. Presidents ever.

That narrow-focused and not-so-bright fellow is now facing some of the toughest decisions that any human being has ever had to face.

So what do these activists do? They orchestrate a situation that makes his decision-making even tougher. And all of this is done based on some collective magical thinking that these ego-centered folks are doing something helpful and humanitarian.

Let’s face it. None of us has enough information to make this kind of unilateral decision. By complicating the situation on the ground, they are just as likely to increase the number of civilian deaths as they are to decrease the number.

If our Commander-in-Chief decides to change plans to avoid hitting citizens of the U.S. and allied countries, the military objective of a “surgical strike” is impossible, thereby elevating the risk of civilian deaths.

If, on the other hand, the Prez says, “Go ahead, fry them anyway,” then what? The activists die, the Iraqi citizens die, and the U.S. is in a worse position on the world stage than ever before, increasing the likelihood of terrorism and the desertion of our allies.

Rumsfeld has come out and said that the use of human shields in this situation is considered a war crime. Maybe so. At the very least, it is very bad judgment that is unlikely to achieve the stated objectives of the advocates.

A little reality check, people. Please.