Are You Ashamed?

I’m so ashamed. I’ve just finished contributing to the nation’s downfall.

I admit it. I just watched “Are You Hot?,” the latest way that television has found to humiliate America’s citizens. This gawk-fest on ABC capitalizes on the precedent set by “American Idol,” but relies not on singing talent but completely on externals instead.

The judges point out flaws with laser pointers. They insist that the camera zoom in on individual flaws. The more contestants twitch with discomfort, the more the judges seem to revel in making them squirm. No feelings are spared.

But you have to blame the contestants for humiliating themselves, as well. There’s complicity here.

There’s one glimmer of hope here — the judges are making huge point deductions when the women are scary-thin. Clearly, there’s some anorexia trotting around the stage. We can at least be thankful that it’s not being rewarded.