War Jitters

Everyone seems to be mumbling the phrase ‘war jitters’ these days. What a bizarre understated choice of words for the profound complex web of emotions that is blanketing our consciousness. It makes it sound like we’ve all just had one too many mocha lattes.

So let me relate the ‘war jitters’ dream I had the other night. First, I’ll relate the dream, then I get pseudo-Freudian with my interpretation.

In the dream, I was out in an unfamiliar field in my SUV (a gas-stingy Honda, by the way), with three people who I didn’t really know. Suddenly, we came upon a couple of men with a camel. The camel started kicking the side of the SUV. The two men with the camel did nothing to control the camel, so the man in my passenger’s seat got out and tried to restrain the camel. The camel started kicking him. The rest of us jumped out of the vehicle to try to save the man. We got the camel to back away and stop. As I turned back to face the SUV, I could see that it was extensively dented but not destroyed.

OK. So here’s the Freudian part (which I didn’t put together until many hours later). The SUV is the symbol of America; the camel represents the Middle East. A person that I didn’t really know was being hurt in some unfamiliar place, as soon as he left the protection of ‘America.’ In the ensuing battle, America was damaged but not destroyed.