Big Surprise: A Snake That Acts Like A Snake

I’ve been kind of stunned in the last couple of days at the outcry resulting from Karl Rove’s recent remarks about September 11. Rove, in case you’ve been staying at the Hotel Gitmo and haven’t heard, accused liberals of responding to the attacks by offering therapy to the terrorists.

What surprises me is not that numerous people of all stripes have condemned what he said but rather the disbelief with which they have condemned him. It’s as if, up until now, they believed that Rove was a principled human being who operated with a conscience. But these recent statements represent exactly the kind of divisive, contempt-filled rhetoric upon which he has built his career. Rove clearly has not been worthy of the benefit of the doubt for decades.

My second level of surprise is that people have called for Rove’s resignation, expecting … what?

That he might exhibit some shame or remorse? It’s obvious that the man is so arrogant that he can’t be shamed. His stock in trade is his ability to be unembarrassable.

That resignation would change the political landscape? Considering that Rove is largely responsible for every successful campaign that W ever engaged in (notice I didn’t use the word “won” in there anywhere), the likelihood of Bush cutting off ties with Rove simply because Rove is no longer in an official position is nil.

That Rove would apologize? Dream on. The press secretary has already made it clear that no such apology is forthcoming.

Does that mean people who oppose this kind of vile spew should just sit back and take it? Absolutely not. We should be making as much noise as we possibly can. We need to continue to call attention to this outrageous behavior (and that of the other Bush cronies) so that more and more people are aware of it.

This administration is perfectly poised to collapse under the weight of its own bad karma. And I’ve got no problem helping karma out a little by attempting to spread the word.