Death of a Right-Wing Bloat-Throat

I couldn’t let the passing of Jerry Falwell go unacknowledged. The New York Times obituary gives a pretty charitable assessment of this hate-monger’s life. Christopher Hitchens was not so warm-hearted:

What has baffled me for years is the fact that the media have actually solicited Falwell’s opinions on various matters. The man has clearly been at best a crackpot or (if you take the more cynical view, as I do) an evil hate-filled charlatan.

It’s instructive to note that, in the many interviews I’ve seen in the past day or so, I haven’t heard one tale — even from his supporters — about his goodness as a person. About the best anyone can say about him is that he was shrewd enough to amass a lot of political power. (I think Ralph Reed may have said something to this effect, filled with right-wing envy.)

I imagine that most of the grass in a several mile radius of his burial site will soon turn black, if not from the evil that emanates from within, then at least from the throngs who will undoubtedly line up to piss on his grave.