No Accolades, Please

With the news today that Karl Rove was making his departure from the White House came all kinds of speculation about why he was leaving and where he may be headed. But, interspersed with the conjecture came a number of comments piling praise on this Machiavellian pus-bag, some even going so far to repeat the prevailing neo-con “wisdom” that Rove is a genius.

How low have our collective standards gotten, when a fair-size segment of the population (which, until recently, has led the press by the nose) can mistake Karl Rove’s willingness to stoop to new lows to get his objectives met with genius? Let’s set a couple of things straight. Mozart was a genius. Einstein was a genius. Karl Rove is a criminal.

The weeping this morning in the White House Rose Garden — peppered with frequent references to the Almighty — was enough to turn even the most ironclad stomach. Rove’s greasy fingerprints are on just about every slimy thing this administration has done. But I guess the neo-cons can rest easy knowing that all of Karl’s dirty dealings have been done in the name of God.

It comes as no surprise that, for the most corporation-centric administration, the news of the departure of the administration’s strategic lynch pin of this gang of crooks broke in the Wall Street Journal. After all, it’s been part of Rove’s campaign strategy to blur the boundaries between corporations and government.

All America has to do to ensure that corruption continues is to fail to acknowledge that this man is the poster boy for all that is wrong with politics. So, please. No accolades. Rove deserves nothing but our profound collective scorn.