What’s the Spanish Word for ‘Verklempt’?

It’s hard not to get choked up watching the rescue of the Chilean miners.  The video images say it all, so I’m not going to try to comment.  I’ll let the emotion of the moment speak for itself.

What I will comment about is the technology that’s involved in this rescue.  We’ve learned to take so much for granted in this day and age, but I’ve been thinking what this rescue attempt would have been like even 10 or 20 years ago.  Think of it:

  • The miners have had audio and video contact with loved ones, medical personnel, and counselors on the surface through much of the time they have been trapped.
  • We had live international video feed from within the mine so that the world could watch as the first rescue worker entered the mine and the first miner was raised to the surface.
  • The world has tweeted about this event over the past several weeks and it’s unlikely that anyone in the world hasn’t learned something about these trapped men as the result of our technology.

Next time I’m cursing about how much faster our lives have gotten as the result of too much technology, perhaps I’ll have a moment of gratitude for what all that geek stuff has provided during these events.