Mind the Gap

In a poll released today, Public Policy Polling shows Barack Obama with a 7-point lead over Mitt Romney in the state of Ohio, a swing state in the fall election and one that has been considered a “must-win” for any presidential candidate.   This is immediately after a campaign push by Romney in Ohio aimed at chipping away at Obama’s lead.

Obama leads Romney 50-43. That 7 point margin is unchanged from late January when he was ahead by a 49-42 spread. Obama also led 50-41 when PPP polled the state in early November so this makes three polls in a row over the span of six months with him leading by 7-9 points. Obama certainly looks like the favorite in Ohio at this point.

This seems to be another example of how voters don’t see Romney as either likeable or believable. The more voters learn about him, the less they want him to be president.

Read the Public Policy Polling news release here: