Boundless Disingenuousness

Politicians are known for playing fast and loose with the truth, and they do it so frequently that our media often don’t challenge them on the spot. But sometimes they say things that are so outrageous, so patently false or skewed, that leaving it unchallenged is an outrage in itself.

Cut to today’s Face the Nation, in which Senate Minority Leader Mitch (“the Turtle”) McConnell made the following statement:

“We’d like to do something about the nation’s biggest problem, spending and debt, which is, of course, the reason for this economic malaise and this high unemployment. And whenever the President is willing to engage, we’re ready to go.”

Someone please hit the pause button.

Does anyone else interpret this statement as blaming the problem for the problem?

How many times does it need to be said?  The debt came from two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.  And no matter how much Republicans complain about the current administration not fixing the mess, it doesn’t change the fact that the mess that they’re complaining about is largely of their own making.

There were eight years – two complete terms – of a Republican administration that got us into this mess.  And now they’re complaining because Obama hasn’t fixed it all in less than one term (a term during which Republicans did everything in their power and then some to obstruct any progress that might be made).  The “reason for this economic malaise and this high unemployment” is that the policies of the previous administration plummeted our nation into the worst economic situation since the great depression.  Republicans now try to distance themselves from the previous administration — so much so that they don’t even want to say the previous president’s name.

Well, I’ll say it.  George W. Bush.  George W. Bush.  GEORGE W. BUSH!

When children behave in such an irrational way, they get grounded or sent to the naughty chair.  Why isn’t there an equivalent punishment for this kind of hypocrisy?

Mitch McConnell, I hereby take away your cell phone and your internet privileges.