It Ain’t Over

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has provided a little pep talk to women and progressives who are disheartened, dismayed, enraged, and stunned by today’s public head-counting ahead of Brett Kavanaugh’s scheduled confirmation vote on Saturday.  She concedes defeat, and her tone seems meant to console the weary and prepare them for some as yet unidentified new battle.

The vote tomorrow may very well be a done deal. There’s an ultra-slim chance that a couple of Republican Senators will have a crisis of conscience tonight but, given Republican’s history of late, conscience is not a guiding force. 

But the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh aren’t just going to magically dry up and blow away. In fact, it sounds like more and more witnesses with corroborating testimony are coming forward and will likely talk to the press, shedding more even more light in the public arena.  There may even be lawsuits against Kavanaugh himself.

The long list of potential perjury charges against him aren’t magically going to disappear, either.  Nor are the millions of Americans who have been disgusted by Republicans’ refusal to conduct a true and fair investigation of Kavanaugh’s background and his potential misdeeds.  Those 2,400+ law professors and the American Bar Association are also not all going to quietly slink into the background, never to be heard from again.

No matter which way Saturday’s vote turns out, the collective struggle to get to the truth is far from over.  It may take massive turnout at the polls.  It may take impeachment proceedings against him or legal action or public outcry, or all of the above.  It will be long and it is virtually guaranteed to be ugly.  But it will be worth the fight.