Just One

In the months following 9/11, we would regularly hear security analysts, politicians, and various cable news talking heads talking about the difficulty of warding off the next terrorist attack:  “We have to stop all the attacks; the terrorists only have to be successful with one.”  Such a statement is both truthful and logical.  The damage that can be done by a single “successful” attack can be devastating, not only to those directly affected by the attack but also to the population at large who sink deeper and deeper into fear.

Let’s consider this same logic applied to Donald Trump’s current situation.  He’s got probably dozens of “attacks” pending, including:

  • The possibility that Robert Mueller will eventually testify in Congress
  • Congressional subpoenas to Attorney General William Barr
  • Congressional subpoenas to Mazars USA (Trump’s accountants)
  • Congressional subpoenas to worst family spawn and unofficial Brylcreem spokesperson, Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Multiple Southern District of New York investigation into the Trump Organization and the Trump Foundation
  • The New York State legislature’s approval of releasing Trump’s state tax returns to Congress
  • Multiple witnesses being called to testify before Congress
  • A dozen separate investigations that were referenced in the Mueller Report but redacted
  • The possibility of whistleblowers in the Department of Justice, the IRS, the Treasury Department, the Department of Homeland Security, or pretty much any branch of the federal government
  • The growing drumbeat for impeachment among those who would be doing the impeaching
  • The 2020 election, with 20+ Democratic presidential contenders who, to one degree or another, will be on the campaign trail telling the truth about Trump to anyone who will listen

In order for him to prevail, Trump must have a 100% success record in fighting off all these threats to his presidency.  But any one of them may be enough to begin the implosion of his administration, his business, and even his family.

I know there’s a despondency among many Americans who have witnessed the erosion of the integrity of our government and the deterioration of baseline decency.  But I view the breadth of the above list, incomplete though it may be, as a sign that the tide may be turning.