Right-Wing Harpie Bites Publishing Dust

Katherine ‘Hair-Helmet’ Harris apparently is not particularly interesting, not even to her own demographic. The chronicle of her martyrdom — with the self-congratulatory title ‘Center of the Storm’ — is officially on the virtual remainder table, even on the right wing World Net Daily web site. Published at $22.99. Now selling for five measly clams.

Kind of a nice reflection of that old ‘supply-and-demand’ Republican value.

The Savage is Restless … and Jobless

Three cheers to the fan/crony/colleague of the ‘Don and Mike Show’ who made the call that provoked the bigot that spewed the hate that triggered the outrage that scared the network that fired the bigot that rationalized the behavior that insulted the ‘gay mafia’ that lives in the town that media built.

In case you missed this episode, I’m referring to the firing of Michael Savage from MSNBC, which doesn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room these days when it comes to losing viewers. I have only two questions: (1) What brainiac put this lowlife on the air in the first place? and (2) What took the network so long to take him off?

The only downside of the firing is that this asswipe will now have martyr ammo. You know how these right-wing hatemongers like to make themselves into the victims, especially when their media empires begin to crumble. Dr. Laura used this approach. So did Bob ‘Child-Beater’ Enyart.

Never heard of Bob Enyart? A few years back, he eked out a pathetic little local TV career doing God’s work by reading the obituaries of local people who had recently died of AIDS and calling them sodomites and telling his UHF/cable-wasteland audience how much these folks deserved to die. What a lovely way to make a living. But this loser didn’t get fired for this, in spite of the protests. No, the axe only fell after he was convicted of child abuse for beating his own kid. (Expect at least one more Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris in Colorado when this poor spawn of satan grows up.)

Dead Peckerwood Society

So. Last week, Lester Maddox bit the big one. Then, Strom Thrumond kicked. If only Jesse Helms would finally take the dirt nap, we would have:

– the Dixie-crat trifecta

– the sweaty bigot triple crown

– the dead racist hat-trick

– the expired panel of peckerwood politicos

– the trio of deceased Trent Lott role models

Still waiting until that blessed day (Jesse’s last gasp) to dance in the street.

DeLay Gets Delayed

Three cheers for the Texas Democrats who had the fortitude to stand by their principles and not allow GOP big-wig and Bush lackey Tom DeLay force feed a redistricting plan on the Lone Star state that would have ensured Republican control for years to come.

This kind of tactic is so transparent — drawing artificial boundaries for districts so as to ensure percentages favorable to one party — that Democrats had to do something. Leaving the state not only was a novel approach to the situation but it also made it enough of a national issue that it shone light in the dark corners of Republican tactical politics.


Right-Wing Hypocrisy Alert

Also just had to weigh in about the hypocrisy of William “Virtue” Bennett and his penchant for high-stakes gambling. I think it’s appropriate for this bloated self-righteous old school fool to be exposed on the 50th anniversary of the HUAC hearings, the transcripts of which have been released this week. It’s not difficult to see the parallels.

Both Bennett and Joseph McCarthy professed loudly and publicly that they knew what was best for America and for Americans, all the while living a totally hypocritical secret life. If these fat losers didn’t wield such power, it would be comedic.

Now that the truth is out, it’s hard to find anyone who will defend McCarthy. But Bennett supporters are still out in force. Is it going to take fifty years before people will realize that he’s just as much of a fraud as McCarthy?

The Puppetmaster Speaks

Did anyone see Dick ‘Puppetmaster’ Cheney backpedaling on the school voucher issue on Meet the Press today?  Suffice it to say that it was delicious.  He’s perhaps the most masterful spin-doctor the administration has trotted out so far.  He managed to do a 180 degree turn for the administration on the issue of school vouchers (which is essentially right-wing rhetoric for the government — your tax dollars — subsidizing religious schools).