Today's Numbers

Today’s Numbers

The number of cents per gallon that gasoline has dropped since this time last month.

The number of cents per gallon that gasoline has dropped since this date last year.

The number of Republicans who previously blamed Barack Obama for rising gas prices who sent Barack Obama a note of congratulations or thanks for now lowering them.

* This number is not official, but it’s a pretty safe bet.

Today’s Recipe: Sarah’s Word Salad

2 cups leafy green verbs
1 cup adjectives, chopped
1/2 cup pronouns
6 dangling participles
2 cups overripe nouns, minced
12 prepositions, peeled and diced
1 cup ripe conjunctions
6 articles, slightly blanched
1/2 tsp. intelligence
1 qt. hubris

In a large bowl, combine the verbs and adjectives. Set aside.

Season a large saute pan with participles. Gradually add nouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. Stir until lumps are gone. Add intelligence, one drop at a time, and continue to stir until intelligence disappears.

Drizzle saute mixture over verbs and adjectives. Serve on red, white and blue plates with a generous dollop of hubris. Season to taste with non-sequiturs.

Perfect for those parties of … ya know … reporters. Your guests will be saying “Thanks, but no thanks!”

Serves 6.

Lost in Translation?

So I’m not sure if the sign in the following picture is a result of language barrier, part of the Turkish sense of humor, or both:

I spotted the sign in a booth near the ruins in Ephesus, Turkey, a stone’s throw from where St. Paul is said to have spoken to the Ephesians. Judging by the commerce that surrounds the place (“Hey, mister, you want your picture taken with a camel?”), I guess it’s safe to say that Turkey is a secular society.

Stolen Car Culture

It’s L.A., so I’ve come to accept the fact that everything here revolves around cars. But with this sighting, I proved to myself that I can still be surprised:


I guess there must have been some sort of unreported automotive rapture, and the vehicle to which these wheels were once attached was spirited away. (So what does that say about the vehicles that remain?)