21st Century Blues

Let me say up front that I am well aware that I risk sounding like an old fart with what I am about to say. But, quite honestly, I’m not so thrilled with the 21st century so far.

Maybe someone can convince me that car alarms are better than being able to leave your keys in the car so that you know where they are.

Maybe there’s a compelling case to be made that the ability to whip out a piece of plastic to fulfill some need for instant gratification is worth the indentured servitude that you will be in for the rest of your life because of the usurious interest rates on credit cards.

Maybe it’s actually worth the agony of spending a couple hours in traffic each way so you can work in a totally depersonalized job you detest for some mega-conglomerate corporation with too many tax breaks.

Maybe it truly is better to wait for three or four weeks for a doctor’s appointment when you’re actually sick today because, what the fuck, you probably couldn’t afford it if the doctor could actually see you today anyway and even if you have insurance, the insurance probably doesn’t cover what you want to see the doctor for in the first place because once, back ten or fifteen years ago, you had a symptom that rhymes with the symptom you now have and you are therefore not covered.

Maybe it’s o.k. that corporations always have plenty of people available to call you at home while you’re eating dinner or having sex or mourning the loss of a loved one, but they never have enough people available to answer the phone when you call them.

Maybe we should all just lower our personal standards further and adapt to this new world order.

Or maybe we should step back and say collectively say, “What in the fuck is wrong with this picture?”